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29th-May-2020 12:24 am - Gigi Kay's Fic Journal
You don't have to talk to me to add me, but if you spam me or be rude to me I will have no problem deleting and/or blocking you.
I mostly write JRock yaoi but I also write gay/les/het KPop, gay/les/het CPop, les/het JRock and gay/les/het OC but those are few and far inbetween.
Every post will have a descriptive blurb telling you what the story is about and who is involved (characters and pairings alike).
Every post will be tagged accordingly.
For requests, you can tell me the pairing you would like, around how long you would like it (oneshot, chaptered, etc.), and what you would like it to be about if you do have an idea. If you would like me to write a fic for you, please send me a message with the previously stated details and I'll get to it as soon as I can.
I also love art and I'm willing to trade a fic for a pic because I can't draw at all. So if you can draw or do some type of visual art and would like a fic, I am open to writing a fic for you if you do a picture for me.
Once I actually start posting, there will be a fic archive below.
Please remember that the fics in this journal are mine. I don't take plagiarism lightly.
Thanks for checking out my fics. Always remember to comment, even if I don't get back to you please realize I am a student and have a full time job. I do appreciate the comments and read every single one but sometimes it is hard for me to get back to everyone.
If you would like to get to know me beyond fics, feel free to leave me a message. I'll try to get back to those as well.
25th-Feb-2012 11:58 pm - Holy Snapples....
Okay so... feel free to hate me all you want. Super busy + traveling + computer breaking... yeah...
I've been writing in my journal... as in pen and paper. I have things to post but haven't had the time to write them up and post them considering I just recently got my computer fixed. Life is settling down a bit and I can't promise any stories to be posted soon. All I can say is that I'll try. Just an update.
25th-Oct-2011 02:20 pm - There might be a delay...
Long story short, I snapped my ankle today so I'll be down for awhile. Between pain medications I'll try to be coherant enough to write something solid for you guys for this weekend but it might have to wait until the next. Sorry.
23rd-Oct-2011 09:01 pm - Teenage Dream Chapter 1
Title: Teenage Dream
Author: gigikay
Chapter: 1/40ish
Beta: evil_queen369
Rating: PG for language
Warnings: Language, Age gaps
Pairings: Uruha/Aoi, Reita/Uruha, Kaoru/Toshiya, Die/Shinya, Kiyoharu/Kyo/Kiyoharu, Kai/Ruki
Bands: The Gazette, Dir en Grey, Kiyoharu
Story Summary: A tale of a high school and all the gay drama involved within. Sorry, not very good with summarys.
Chapter Summary: Kouyou starts his junior year at his new high school.
A/N: Sorry, I really meant to get this out earlier, like two weeks ago, but I'm obsessing over things being RIGHT this time. I also meant to get it out earlier today but life got in the way.

You think I'm pretty without any make up on...Collapse )
8th-Oct-2011 02:08 am - UPDATE!!!
Ok guys! First chapter of TD is done BUT I'm reading through and tweaking it a little, ironing out some details and editing it a bit before I send it off to beta. Can't promise when it will be out but it IS coming. The chapters will be slow considering I'm really trying to take my time with this one and make a REAL story instead of just fluff for all of you to rest your heads on... Sorry if that doesn't make any sense *is exhausted*
ANYWAYS, I realized it's October and since I wasn't around to do it last year, I'm inspired to do a Halloween fic of sorts... It won't be necessarily scary but it will have a sort of... Halloween-ish feel to it. But even though I have the story in my head, which will be short btw, maybe only three or five parts... I'm stuck on a pairing I should use....
So I'm OPEN for suggestions/requests! Feel free to comment on who you want to see below. If you want Gazette, that is fine... All I ask is, if you can, think outside the box where that is concerned as their are SOOOOO many GORGEOUS and deep JRockers out there to mold other than our precious Gazeboys lol
Anyways, yeah, comment, tell me who YOU want to see for the lil Halloween dabble  and if I get enough suggestions, I'll make a POLL! *fun fun* ^^
30th-Sep-2011 10:50 pm - Naturally (blurb)
Title: Naturally
Author: gigikay 
Rating: G
Pairing: Miyavi/Takeru-ish
Band: Miyavi, SuG
Genre: vanilla, blurb, first person
Summary: When we collide sparks fly. When you look in my eyes it takes my breath away.
Disclaimer: Don't own nothin but the story
A/N: Not betad so forgive my mistakes. Just a small thing that has been floating around in my head... ect. And yes, it was inspired by the Selena Gomez song.

When you know it's meant to be...Collapse )

25th-Sep-2011 10:21 pm - Sorry for the delay!!!!
I knew I said I was coming back about two weeks ago and I wanted to post the first chapter of the new fic up last week but I've been really sick lately and family came into town for awhile so I just haven't had the time or the mind to write that much but the first chapter is almost done and will hopefully be up sometime later this week
Thanks everyone for sticking with me!!!
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